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Falls Facility Services invests substantial resources and places special emphasis on the training and development of our employees. Our overall objective is to obtain and keep qualified team members to provide the best service and experience for you.


1. Each potential employee completes an application and is interviewed by our Human Resource Department. Questions about job history and experience are always asked.

2. After undergoing the interview process, each candidate is required to undergo drug and alcohol testing as well as pass a criminal background check.

3. Each candidate has their experience and work attitude evaluated and from this evaluation, we select individuals for specific positions.

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1. Safety Training: In this area of training we investigate all work-related injuries and then work closely with our employees on how to prevent these injuries or treat them if they happen to occur on-site.

2. Technical Training: In this segment of training our custodial staff taught standard sanitary concepts as well as proper usage of equipment, chemicals, and safety guidelines. 

3. Supervisory Training: Our supervisors are required to have advanced technical cleaning skills. In addition to safety and technical training, they are trained to handle security and loss control, inventory, and most importantly quality control. Our supervisors also receive additional training in labor relations and personnel administration to know how to deal effectively with Falls's customers, our managers, and our employees.

4. Management Training: Our management team is required to have advanced technical skills concerning quality control, customer resolutions, and contract management


Operations Manager: responsible for the daily scheduling of the assigned facility. Their main goal is to make sure that each project conforms to the cost-saving measures of FFS and the customers' quality standards. They ensure the day-to-day operations meet the facility specifications and quality control standards

Supervisor: the designated liaison between the operations manager and the crew leader on each project. They will meet property management on an ongoing basis and be available to provide an immediate response to all requests

Crew Leader: provides technical and operational assistance to floormen

Floortech: responsible for providing attentive cleaning services and requests 

Our employees are not only exceptional at their jobs, but they look good doing them. We can tailor our uniforms to meet the expectations and surroundings in your facility. For more information, contact us.

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